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Our vision:

To have many people wake up every single morning inspired to want to go to work, feel safe whilst their there, and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. To see their job as a calling & not just as a job, to have their leaders trust them, support them and most importantly back them. Leaders to empower their people to take and manage risk responsibly, allowing their teams to grow and use their imaginations together, building the place where they work into a collectively mindful, resilient and risk intelligent organisation.

About Us

As pioneers in the area of  Psychology of Risk and Interconnected Culture we have helped many companies across a range of industries achieve tangible outcomes in the areas of business culture, safety, quality and production output, psychological wellbeing, business resilience and transformational change. With over 90% of our work coming from referral, our outcomes include: a fun and awesome morale, reduced workplace incidents/work cover premiums, increased productivity, greater profitability and improved customer satisfaction/business of choice.

Our services are distinguished by our ability to create: safety that is valued by all, increased business resilience, connected and empowered workforce, and sustained culture change. We use proven methodologies from psychology, and are regarded as leaders in practical, experiential evidence based applications. Our approaches include customised engagement, assessments, training and coaching, mentoring. This innovative method has created great-trust, long-term client relationships and excitement towards industry change.

Bring it on:
We embrace each day with energy and excitement of adventure. Impacting lives positively means creating life experiences that matter, all day every day. We are true to who we are, and put fun and sense of adventure back in business. We love what we do making every experience count.

Breath It:
We are responsible for making things happen. We choose our outlook on life, accept our fears and face the complex challengers. We push ourselves to discover new solutions. We create important conversations, use our strengths, and always back one another.

Best Masters:
We are better than last week and search for the supreme paradigm of ourselves. We push our limitations, always move forward and constantly evolve. We are inquisitive to learn and ready for challenge. We celebrate success and learn from failure, explore the unknown and embrace the journey.

Know We Care:
We trust others, anticipate the greatest, and support everyone for success. We uncover opportunities to get down and get dirty and pitch in. We are not shy to put our hands up and ask for help. We have one another’s back, believe and trust in our team.