Safety Solutions

  • Risk Intelligence & Identification
  • ​Leadership Language 
  • Intensive Safety 
  • Human Judgement & Decision Making
  • ​Behavioural Observations & Conversations
  • Effective Engagement & Communications 

Many businesses get caught up in the day to day operations and struggle to identify silent risks in their business. Even with all the compliance, systems and legislation in place, businesses are still having injuries and worse, fatalities. Our many years of experiences in a vast range of industries and new methodologies, improve businesses resilience to risk. Businesses don't want to hurt their employees and are looking for methods to help,  however our experience and knowledge with programs like behavioural based safety, recognise they are not the sole solution. There are more complex concepts to understand for there to be genuine change. 

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Some of our Services & Programs

  • Understanding Heuristics & Biases (HB 327)
  • ​Advanced Risk & Hazard Identification
  • Learn the Signs for Silent Risk
  • What Influences Our Thoughts in Social Arrangement
  • One Brain 3 Speeds