• Leadership Skills
  • Tool Box Presenting
  • Incident Investigations (ICAM, Tap Root, Fish Bone, 5 Why's)
  • 5's Organising (House Keeping)
  • Risk Assessing
  • HAZID Hunt /Delivery
  • ​WHS Consultation, Cooperation & Coordination Code of Practice​​

Businesses are no different than a sporting team, all players need a good coach to become ​​successful. Our business has the expertise to help you identify opportunities and strengthen your game plan. To be serious about making a difference there is only one important decision to make, don't go it alone, get expert support.

Risk outcomes are often unknown until we do the act, lets us help you know it!


 Coaching and Mentoring


  • Risk Intelligence Observation, Conver​sations
  • ​​Risk Registers
  • Risk Identification (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Risks)
  • Inductions 
  • Company Culture
  • ​AS 31000

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